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The Active Executive takes on an entirely new approach to fitness and health. Our experience is dynamic and relative to your individual needs.

We create a tailored fitness plan that will:

  • Yield the Best Results
  • Challenge Functional Capacity
  • Implement Sports Psychology

Kyle is going to blow your mind with really simple changes that will have positive lasting effects on your lifestyle.

Mark T

A personal trainer combines experience, knowledge, and techniques to help others meet their fitness goals. No matter what age or experience level, the Active Executive can help you experience better results and live a healthier lifestyle. With our personal training, we focus on what you need and ultimately expanding to the services that will enhance your way of life.
A personal training workout with the Active Executive consists of various components, including:

Cardiovascular Warm-Up (5-10 minutes)
Mobility & Soft Tissue Release Techniques (5-10 minutes)
Dynamic Drills (5 minutes)
Nervous System Based activation (5 minutes)
Goal Focused Training (30 minutes)

I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and expertise related to food.

Miles H

Nutrition is a vital element of weight loss. Incorporating the proper nutrition into personal training helps create the total-body results you are looking for.
As a certified nutritionist, Kyle evaluates your daily food intake to determine if specific meals are fulfilling your individual needs. He will look at nutrient standards, calorie level, and other particular requirements. Meal plans will vary every 4 weeks and include different snacks, recipes, restaurant choices, and desserts.

He is extremely knowledgeable and is continuously seeking opportunities to be on the cutting edge of fitness and nutrition.

Lindsey W

ART, or active release techniques, is a state of the art movement based therapy that is used to treat underlying muscle problems. The goal is to reestablish a proper range of motion and relieve tight muscles, nerve trigger points, and muscular pain.
Another service we offer is individualized manual therapy. Some of the manual therapy, we offer includes:

Trigger Point Therapy
Percussion Therapy
Cupping Therapy
Neurokinetic Therapy
PNF Stretching

He holds a high bar for my progress and constantly strives to make me better in all aspects of fitness.  I am VERY happy with my results.

Jessica C

The Active Executive offers access to personal training and more from anywhere in the world. Train from the comfort of your home, hotel, or office using effective, step-by-step workouts. Our system is designed so that you can exercise with little to no equipment. Requires Skype or FaceTime.

He listened to me and specifically designed a program that met my needs and focused on my body.

Clint R

If you have little time to meet face-to-face with a certified trainer, then our monthly fitness programs can work for you. The Active Executive designed this program to work for people who need specific direction on their fitness and health. The monthly workout programs are devised for motivated individuals who schedule their own time to complete workouts.
Our 3-month programs are tailored to you and include exercises, pictures and videos, weights, sets, repetitions, rest periods, and even tempo. We also outline the “why” behind each phase of the program, so it’s not just something you do, it’s something you understand!