The Supercharged Nutrition Plan for the Corporate Executive

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As a corporate executive, you probably don’t have a whole lot of extra time in your day to spare. Between your work hours, family time, and relaxation time, you likely have to try pretty hard to fit healthy eating into your life. Fast food and pre-made junk are easy and available that it can be hard to resist.

But there is a way you can build a really healthy nutrition plan for yourself that’s both easy to stick to and guaranteed to improve your health. Let’s take a closer look at this nutrition plan and how it can change your life for the better.


Building a Lean Muscle Meal Plan

Whether you’re starting a fitness journey in your late 30’s and you want to learn some essential nutrition, or you’re a bit older and looking for a way to clean up your diet a little bit, this plan will work wonders for you.

The underlying philosophy behind this nutrition plan is that you should eat similar to how our ancestors ate. That means you have to cut out all processed foods and sugar. These are like poison for your body and not only do they drain your energy levels, they reduce your brain power and make it harder to lose weight as well.


The Pillars of Good Health

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Don’t Skip Meals
  3. Eat a Good Breakfast
  4. Don’t Overeat
  5. Get Good sleep
  6. Exercise Every Day

If you can master these pillars, you will have insane amounts of energy, and you will start burning fat like no won’t believe. Staying hydrated is essential because your body is almost 70% water and it needs water to run smoothly. Dehydration completely kills your weight loss efforts.

Skipping meals is a bad idea because it makes you more likely to cheat on your diet and eat lousy food. This is also the reason why you need to get proper sleep every night. You might find yourself naturally sleeping less as your body eliminates all the toxins from the junk food you’ve been eating, but you should still aim for at least 5 hours per night at the minimum. Most people need 7 to 9 hours to feel completely rested.

Eating a proper breakfast high in protein and low in carbs gives you the energy you need to start your day. Go low on carbs in the morning because too many can cause you to feel sluggish for a while. Overeating will do the same thing and make it impossible to lose weight because your body will always be burning the calories in your stomach for energy instead of the fat on your body.

Make a habit of exercising every day to get your blood flowing throughout your body and burn more calories. You don’t have to go hard all the time, and you don’t need to be sore the next day. Do just enough exercise that you get a nice burn without exhausting yourself. A workout organized correctly will give you more energy. If it’s available to you, definitely invest some time in your company’s fitness program. These programs often include, targeted stretching and massage to counteract common workplace strains.


Look Good, Feel Healthy

The secret to feeling as good as possible has been out for a while. It involves all the pillars of health mentioned here, as well as nutritional evaluation and planning. If you abide by these pillars, you’ll no doubt be on your way to feeling incredible. A good nutrition plan combined with the other habits in this article will significantly increase your ability to live life to the fullest, in all areas.