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Kyle is going to blow your mind with really simple changes that will have positive lasting effects on your lifestyle.

Mark T

A personal training session with Kyle consists of a general cardiovascular warm-up (5-10 min.) followed by specific mobility and soft tissue release techniques (5-10 min.) tailored to the individual. There will then be a series of dynamic drills (5 min.) that will be used to prepare the body for the workout. The initial focus (5 min.) of the workout training will be nervous system-based and will challenge the total body. This will lead to the goal-focused (30 min.) portion of the personal training session, which could include strength training, circuit training, corrective exercises, or sports specific training. Finishing the session up will be the recovery focused segment where I give a total body stretch on a massage table for a cool down and to aid in recuperation.

I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and expertise related to food.

Miles H

When utilizing Kyle’s skills as a dietician and nutritionist, he will analyze your daily food intake to determine if foods are meeting nutrient standards, calorie levels, and other specific needs of the individual. Meal planning will vary every 4 weeks and include options for snacks, recipes, favorite restaurants, and desserts. Incorporating proper nutrition into personal training helps to create the total-body results you are looking for.

He is extremely knowledgeable and is continuously seeking opportunities to be on the cutting edge of fitness and nutrition.

Lindsey W

Active Release Technique, similar to myofascial release therapy, refers to the manual massage technique for stretching the connective tissue and releasing adhesions between it and muscles, tendons, nerves, membranes, and bones. This type of massage therapy helps relieve tight muscles and nerve trigger points, greatly reducing joint stress or muscular pains. Using active release therapy in addition to traditional personal training helps clients see results and feel great after exercising.

He holds a high bar for my progress and constantly strives to make me better in all aspects of fitness.  I am VERY happy with my results.

Jessica C

Improve your wellness from anywhere in the world. Available as a virtual personal trainer, Kyle can be your fitness trainer from anywhere in the world. Train from the comfort of your home, hotel, office, vacation home, beach, or backyard. Fitness equipment optional. Requires Skype or FaceTime.

He listened to me and specifically designed a program that met my needs and focused on my body.

Clint R

This fitness program is designed for the individual who needs specific direction with their fitness program but doesn’t necessarily feel the need to have frequent sessions with a personal trainer. These individuals will need the drive to complete their workouts on their own in order to see results. The three-month program is tailored to your needs and includes exercises (with description and pictures), weights, sets, repetitions, rest periods, and tempo.