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These days, there are so many excellent sport watches on the market that it’s hard to pick which one will be best for you. Whether you are looking for something high-tech like an Apple or Samsung smartwatch, something simple like a Timex to keep track of your laps on the track, or something specifically designed to your sport of choice like the Garmin Swim, there’s plenty of choices to pick from. Here are our top 5 favorite sport watches that are designed to match any budget and any sport.


Tom-Tom Multi-Sport

Most people mix up their workouts to include running, swimming, biking and whatever else they fancy. Tom Tom’s Multi-sport is here to be the perfect compliment to whatever activity you choose. It’s easy to use and with just one click of a button, you can see your stats. It’s also lightweight and sleek so your wrist doesn’t feel like a heavy, irritating nuisance during your workout. The swim-sensor can even record swim metrics like stroke type, length, and efficiency.

Cost: $149.99; Tom Tom


Apple Watch Series 4

For the tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts, few options on the market are as exciting as the Apple Watch Series 4. It has so many excellent sport watch features–from a built-in GPS that precisely tracks your movements to an ECG heart-rate monitor–you’re bound to find whatever you need to achieve your fitness goals. It also features a bright display and can be used without your iPhone. If you are looking for multifunctionality and a watch you can use on and off the track, this is the perfect sport watch for you.

Cost: $399 base price; Apple


Nike + Sportwatch GPS

Nike made this watch specifically for runners. This sleek device has everything from distance and pace-monitoring to elevation and route-tracking. You can also implement workout goals, targeted fat loss, and so much more to get your health where you want it to be. It easily syncs with your computer and other devices to upload your stats online and share them on social media.

Cost: $140.00; Nike


Suunto Ambit 2

This is the Swiss-army knife of watches. Suunto created this fitness tracker watch with all sports in mind. The device offers GPS capabilities and a range of high tech features, including weather-tracking, elevation-tracking, and compatibility with the many Suunto Apps. The versatile watch is perfect for everything from hiking to swimming to biking and even to skiing. A major bonus is it has a long battery life, so you can keep working out without having to worry about losing the stats-tracking ability.

Cost: $350.00; Suunto


Timex Ironman 30-lap

With so many excellent and tech-heavy watches on the market, sometimes you just want to go back to basics. Timex is the perfect choice for those looking for a waterproof, durable, multi-functional watch. It has a customizable menu and is great for tracking running and biking performance. If you don’t want another smart device to worry about, this is the perfect choice for you.

Cost: $42.00; Timex


5 Excellent Sport Watches

We hope you’ve found your own favorite amongst these top 5 sport watches on the market. They each have their own specialties, and at least one of them is bound to appeal to your fitness goals.


No matter how great these watches are, they are ultimately only tools and for them to be truly effective, they need to be combined with a solid diet and exercise regimen. When you have all of these things in sync, you’ll be able to truly reach your fitness goals. If you are looking to get to the next level, then contact us at the Active Executive and see how our expert personal trainer San Diego program, massage therapy, nutrition, and other health programs can help you!

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