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Whether it be your lower belly or your arms, we all have that one specific region where we wish we could eliminate the extra body fat and tone up. Because of this, many “fitness trainers” and companies claim to have found workouts that target fat loss.

The reality is that our bodies cannot specifically target our “problem areas.” You can’t precisely target one area by doing a particular movement or eating specific foods. This short guide will break down the problems with targeted fat loss and what you can do to get the body you want.


Spot Reduction and Other Terminology

The targeted fat loss workout trend goes by a wide array of names but one of the most popular terms with “experts” is spot reduction. They claim that by focusing on areas like your triceps, you can reduce fat that’s there.

These statements are appealing to those who have tried countless times to work out and burn fat to no avail. There are many reasons why you might want to target your fat loss, but there is no scientific evidence that supports this effort.


How Fat Loss Works

To get an idea of why fat spot reduction doesn’t work, it might help to understand how body fat and weight loss works in our body. The scientific term for fat is triglycerides, the compounds your body stores for energy taken from the foods we eat. Before using these fats, the body needs to break them down into smaller components known as fatty acids and glycerol.

Your weight is the factor determined by the rate at which you store energy from the food you eat and the rate at which you use that energy. When you exercise, fatty acids are broken down and used for energy. There is no specific place in which your body takes these fatty acids from; they come from anywhere in the body.

To maintain and lose weight experts:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Eat the right amount of calories
  • Exercise regularly

targeted fat loss


Can you target fat loss? Not exactly

Just because you can’t target fat loss does not mean you have to live with your “problem areas” forever, it just means you need to train the right way. Everything in your body is connected, which is why you need to think about overall fat reduction. Here are the key elements to incorporate within your workout:

  • Cardio: You’re not going to burn any fat without cardio, and it does more than that it also helps build muscles and raise your metabolism, so you burn calories more efficiently.
  • Whole body exercises- Remember, your body utilizes fat stored anywhere in the body so if you are doing exercises like burpees, you’ll burn more calories and have better weight loss results.
  • High-intensity intervals- These exercises involve bursts of intense activity with short recovery periods. Recent studies have shown this to be more effective than standard cardio.
  • Mixing and Combining: Your body gets used to doing specific routines so combine your weight and cardio to shed those pounds.


Stop Falling For Targeted Fat Loss

It can be frustrating not seeing the results you want from diet and exercise. Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as a targeted fat loss workout for your stomach, legs, or arms. Instead, it’s about maintaining a stable and effective routine and complementing it with the right lifestyle choices. So, whatever your fitness goals are, Active Executive is here to help.

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