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How to Start a Fitness Journey – Questions to Ask

It’s never too late to get fit. Exercise benefits everyone and every body. It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 years old or 90 years old, there’s a fitness journey for you to embark on that will improve the quality of your life.

In your late 30’s, you may notice your body start to break down a little bit. Hangovers take twice as long to go away, as does soreness. While some might consider this as an excuse not to exercise, it’s the reason why you need to start as soon as possible.

Living a sedentary life is going to exponentially decrease the quality of your life with each passing year. Sitting down for hours at a time can cause muscle loss. It only takes a basic fitness program to prevent this. For those of you looking to get fit in your late 30’s, let’s look at some questions you should ask yourself before you begin.


1. What Does Your Schedule Look Like?

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to rearrange it; it just means you need to see where you can squeeze in some exercise. As a beginner, you’re not going to start out exercising a full hour per day. Basic workout programs are enough to get the ball rolling. See if you have enough time for a 10-minute jog and some stretching, almost everyone does.

The thing about short workouts is, they GIVE you energy. A short exercise in the morning can prime your body and your brain for the day ahead and are often all you need to defeat a general feeling of lethargy or malaise.


2. What Are Your Strengths?

What are you good at? Where are you strong?  What do you like to do? These are your strengths, and you should incorporate them into your workout as often as you need to boost morale. You might enjoy bike riding, swimming, or lifting. Whatever brings you the most joy, you should try to include into your fitness journey. Once you get into the habit of exercising daily, then you can move onto the next question.


3. What Are Your Weaknesses?

This can be an intimidating question to tackle, especially for those with minimal fitness experience. But it’s essential you work on your weaknesses so that you can have a fully balanced body. Maybe you can barely do a pushup, or you begin to experience fatigue after walking up a flight of stairs. These are very common scenarios for beginners, so you shouldn’t be ashamed. Focus on tackling these weaknesses, even if you need to hire a personal trainer to help you.

If you are more concerned with starting a program you can stick with, maybe work on your strengths 90% of the time and your weaknesses 10% of the time. As your weaknesses improve, you will notice that your performance in your strong areas will also grow.

For added motivation, try looking up some fitness articles or some inspiring fitness stories online. Progress comes quickest in areas of lowest ability as well, so keep in mind that it won’t take you long to turn your weaknesses into strengths and overcome problem areas.


It’s Not Going to be Easy

Starting a fitness journey in your late 30’s can be tough, but if you take a balanced approach, you should be just fine. Find physical activities you like to do, and use them as a gateway to more challenging exercises. If you still need that extra push, try hiring a personal trainer once a week. PT can truly push you beyond your true potential, allowing you to reach your goals faster and in a more effective manner.  

Before long, you’ll have more energy throughout the day, a clear mind, and more happiness in general. By asking yourself the fundamental questions in this article, you’ll be well on your way to a happier healthier life.

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