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When it comes to keeping fit, many turn to the gym for their exercise. But however dedicated one may be when it comes to regular cardio workouts at a fitness center, there are occasions when the trip to the gym is not possible. Whether you are stuck at the office or home, there are several simple exercises you can perform throughout your day that will have you feeling energetic and ready to finish your task at hand. Wherever and whenever you need a steadfast workout routine, you can count on these maneuvers:


Jog in Place

Jogging in place is at the top of our quick cardio workout list and is sure to get your blood pumping. After warming up with a few stretches, jogging in place for a mere three minutes can offer you a useful cardiovascular exercise no matter your location. Raising your legs as high as possible will ensure an increase in your heart rate.


Running Stairs

One of the best cardio workouts you can complete just about anywhere is taking the stairs whenever feasible. This exercise requires only minutes to be an efficient heart rate booster. Livestrong.com* reports a 160-pound person can burn 191 calories with just 10 minutes of this exercise.



If you have a bit more space, the burpee is another cardio workout that does not use any equipment. Because burpees necessitate you to jump, squat, and perform push-ups, it is suggested you find an area that allows room for these motions. This full body movement involves almost every major muscle group, providing you a quick-but-demanding routine.


Mountain Climbers

No list of cardio exercises would be complete without mountain climbers. They are easy to perform in a relatively small area and do not require any gym apparatus. This form of aerobics will have you sweating in no time, with the suggestion of completing three sets, one minute a piece with a rest of 10 seconds in between.


Jumping Jacks

This old-school form of exercise is ideal for morning workouts or when you are unable to get to the gym. They are practical and efficient when it comes to getting your heart pumping. As with burpees, jumping jacks will demand you to have sufficient space to perform them correctly.

Jumping Rope

If you have a jump rope stashed away for your gym visits grab it and get to jumping. This cardio workout is best suited for outdoors or an area with plenty of ceiling clearance to prevent injury. As with the other routines on our list, jumping rope for a short period is an excellent method for raising your heart rate.

With most of these requiring no equipment and little space, there is no reason you have to miss out on your gym routine if you are stuck at work or home. If you would like to discuss fitness goals, a workout plan, or are interested in hiring a personal trainer, please contact the Active Executive. As a personal training facility, it is our goal to ensure your health and well-being through nutrition, physical fitness, and physical therapy.  

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