3 Epic Morning Workouts to Step Up Your Fitness Game

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Fitness is a complex thing. Everybody has to find their own path when it comes to developing a fitness routine that is perfectly suited for them. Not everyone will progress at the same pace, and not everyone will gravitate to the same exercises. For this reason, it’s hard to talk in a universal language when it comes to most aspects of fitness.

But, there are some exceptions. If you’re the type who loves to workout in the morning, here are 3 morning workouts you can use to step your game up big time.


1. Jogging in the Morning

Jogging as one of your morning workouts is a cliché, but it’s an effective way to supercharge your day. By going for a jog first thing in the morning, you are forcing your body to start pumping blood everywhere, including your brain. This is why morning jogs are such a great way to give yourself some energy and get your brain, as well as your body, firing on all cylinders before you go do whatever else you’re going to do that day.



2. Band Work

Lifting heavy early in the day as one of your morning workouts can actually sap your mental sharpness, but personalized fitness programs that incorporate band work are a great way to get the same kind of pump without exhausting yourself. You can work almost any part of your body with bands and they work great as a warm-up as well.

Band exercises like the band pull-apart, abductor mobilization, and glute bridges are all very good at warming up small muscles around the joints and working out the big ones like glutes, hamstrings, abs, and back.


3. Using the Transverse Plane for Morning Workouts

When you are groggy in the morning, it can be easy to fall into simple patterns of up-down or back and forth movements. Break this pattern by using the transverse plane as well, even if you need personal training services to help you perfect your technique.

Try using rotational exercises like med ball twists and rotational cable woodchops for a change. The rotational movement of exercises like these and others like shot-put tosses is good for your brain as well as your body.

Your body is meant to move in almost all directions, so getting some twisting movements in early in the morning is sure to give you an extra mental kick that could come in handy when you leave the gym.


Morning Workouts Give You a Leg Up

Famous boxer Mike Tyson used to say that he loved getting up before any of his opponents and working out while they were still asleep. It gave him the confidence that he was making progress even as they slept. While you might not have a fight on the docket, there are most certainly competitors in your life no matter what you do for a living.

By utilizing these morning workouts you can gain all the benefits that come with them like increased mental clarity and focus for the day, as well as a nice boost of energy. It might be just the advantage you need to take your personal success to the next level.

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