Easy Meal Planning Ideas to Kick-Off Your Fitness Journey

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Cooking your meals ahead of time can save you time, money, and stress in the kitchen. Many people choose to prep their meals whether they’re weight training, fitness training, or simply just looking to make a healthier lifestyle change. 


What are the Benefits of Meal Prepping?

At first, planning your meals out can seem like an awful lot of work, but once you get the hang of it it’s actually easier than cooking every night. There are several benefits that come with meal prepping including eating healthier, saving time and stress, and cutting down on food waste. 


Simple and Easy Meal Planning Ideas 

Having a good nutritional plan combined with an active lifestyle and healthy habits will significantly increase your ability to live your life to the fullest. Consider these simple and easy meal planning tips to help you balance a healthy diet. 


Create a List

Start your meal planning journey by creating a master list of all your favorite meals. If you’re planning for a family, take a minute to ask everyone what their favorite meals are and add them to the list. Think of meals that are easy to make. Ones that don’t require too many ingredients. 

Organize the list by categories: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even get really into it and divide each category into the type of preparation called for that meal (e.g. Jars, Tupperware, freezer meals). 


Buy Pre-Portioned Food

Taking an hour to prep your food can save you a ton of time during the week. Buying pre-cut and pre-portioned food can save you even more. When working with fresh food like fruits and vegetables consider buying them pre-sliced and pre-chopped. This way you can just unwrap the package and add it to your meal prep containers when you get home.


Soup & Salad Jars

Another simple and easy meal planning trick is to prepare all your soups and salads using mason jars. The great thing about these jars is that you can prepare all the ingredients at once and they can last you up to a week in the fridge. It works great for preparing lunch for the work week.


Make-Ahead Meals

There are many meals that can be prepared ahead of time and then reheated when it’s time to eat them. This is one of the most common types of meal planning ideas that people use. You can prepare small portion meals for the week. Or you can prepare make-ahead freezer meals to throw into the crock pot after a long day.


Plan your Meals with a Personal Trainer 

Between work, family, and finding time for self-care, you might find it pretty hard to fit healthy eating into your diet. It can seem like fast food is the easiest option and it can be one that’s hard to resist. As a personal trainer, The Active Executive can help motivate you while helping you create and define a nutrition plan that fits the needs of your lifestyle. 

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