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It’s easy for us to get stuck in the routine of everyday life. We grind through the week, let loose on the weekends, and repeat. This is where lifestyle questionnaires can be extremely useful. They are an excellent way to take a step back and reflect on ourselves and the choices we’re making. Before you even get the results, you begin to identify things you might not be aware of as you go through the questions. You can take this assessment or leave it, but before you toss it aside, let’s look at how lifestyle questionnaires can improve your life.


Better Understand Your Diet

75% of Americans believe they eat healthily. It probably won’t surprise you that there is significant evidence to the contrary. Maybe you feel like you eat your fruits and veggies every day and rarely indulge in things like hamburgers and pizza. The thing is, we have a tendency to overestimate how much effort we put into our diets. Plus, a little cheat here and a little cheat there really does add up more than we give it credit for. With a lifestyle questionnaire, you can get a much better and a more holistic sense of what you’re putting into your body.


How Much Are Your Really Exercising?

The same goes for how much you are exercising. You might feel like you exercise often, but when you actually look at the numbers in front of you, you might see a much different picture. The CDC recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise each week. It turns out, only about 23% of Americans are reaching that goal. With a lifestyle questionnaire, you’ll be able to step back and really see if you have prioritized exercise in your day-to-day.



Understanding Key Parts of Your Lifestyle

Diet and exercise tend to get all the limelight. While they are crucial parts of your health, it’s important to also take stock of other things that may be affecting both your physical and emotional health. Is there a lot of stress in your daily life? What are some of your triggers? Do you feel satisfied at work?

These are key questions that not only determine your happiness but also can determine how well you’re performing at your job. Lifestyle questionnaires help put things back into the right perspective so you can see if your talents are being used in the right ways where you are. And if they’re not, you can begin thinking about how you can change that.


The Many Benefits of a Lifestyle Questionnaire

Lifestyle questionnaires are essential tools to help you gain perspective on your life. They can help you understand how well you are doing on critical things like your diet and the amount of exercise in your life, along with broader issues that may be affecting your overall well-being. Best of all, you can gather all of this information before you even talk with someone about what your results and what they may say about you.

This is the best part because you can take this information and start applying it in so many different areas of your life. So, log on to our platform and take the lifestyle questionnaire now. And while you’re on our site, you can check out some other great things we offer such as meal planning ideas and great morning workouts. What are you waiting for? Get started now!


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