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As a business owner or manager, you understand your employees are your greatest asset. Without them, your company simply couldn’t function. It is with this belief in mind that you should consider a corporate health coach for your workplace.

Now, you may be curious as to how a health coach can help your employees and business. By providing your employees with a wellness program, you will ensure the health of not only your employees but also the health of your business.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits your business could take advantage of if you choose to hire a corporate health coach.


So What is a Corporate Health Coach?

A corporate health coach is someone who provides on-site mentoring and therapy to help employees make positive and lasting changes to their health. Using a holistic approach, this coach gives support and encouragement for clients along the journey of developing a healthy mind and body.  


A Corporate Health Coach and My Business

Today more than ever, companies recognize the need for wellness programs as a proven method to improve employees’ health and well-being. This cuts down on the cost of healthcare, but it also does so much more for your business. Some of the many benefits include:

1. Improve Productivity

Although there could be many reasons for low productivity, one leading cause is poor health. Research indicates that employees who have poor food habits or lack of regular exercise are more likely to perform poorly at work. Regardless of how many people are involved–either as an individual or as a team–a corporate health coach can help individuals and increase team performance with nutritional plans and personalized strategies.


2. A Decrease in Absenteeism

When it comes to missing a day at work, illness and injury are at the top of the list of reasons. Calling off work due to illness could be indicative of underlying health issues the employee has not addressed. Whether it be related to one’s eating routine or an injury, a corporate health coach could assist in solving health problems by using a variety of dietary plans, treatments and massage therapies, such as active release techniques, in order to reduce the injuries and health issues that prevent your employees from coming to work.


3. Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

Offering wellness programs for your employees and the services of a corporate health coach are benefits many prospective and current employees value. Understanding an employer appreciates their employee’s health and well-being makes that company attractive to current and future employees. Taking a proactive stance when facing the wellness of your employees will reduce turnover and save your company’s bottom line.


The Return for Your Business.

There is a multitude of research that indicates that focusing on your employee’s health will benefit both your employees and business. Whether it be to improve productivity, retain workers, or boost morale, a holistic approach to your employees’ health is the best choice to make for your business. Although a wellness program will not reduce all the problems a company can face, it will facilitate a workplace culture of health and overall well-being.


If you are interested in discussing how to provide health benefit options, including employee wellness programs, nutritionist services, physical therapy and more, please contact the Active Executive, your expert corporate health coach in San Diego.


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