Quick Cardio Workouts You Can Do Almost Anywhere

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When it comes to keeping fit, many turn to the gym for their exercise. But however dedicated one may be when it comes to regular cardio workouts at a fitness

Easy Meal Planning Ideas to Kick-Off Your Fitness Journey

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Cooking your meals ahead of time can save you time, money, and stress in the kitchen. Many people choose to prep their meals whether they’re weight training, fitness training, or

Do Employee Wellness Programs Increase Productivity?

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Picture this: You’re running your business team, the team is productive, however, with the busy season there’s more pressure to provide output. One of your employees is complaining of neck

How to Boost Mobility with PNF Stretching

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With work, responsibilities, and day to day life, we tend to put aside the need for movement and flexibility. However, knowing the definition of mobility will help you understand how

Everything to Know About Life-Changing Active Release Techniques

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For those who exercise or play sports on a regular basis might be familiar with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow. All of these conditions share the

Don’t Fall for Targeted Fat Loss Workout Trends

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Whether it be your lower belly or your arms, we all have that one specific region where we wish we could eliminate the extra body fat and tone up. Because

How Cupping Therapy Benefits Muscle Growth

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Cupping therapy has been around for many thousands of years.  Thought to have been started in ancient China, cupping is not quite as fringe as other ancient Chinese medicinal practices

Why I Hate Calling Myself a Personal Trainer

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It seemed like a good idea. I enjoyed working out and hey, I can get paid too! Sign me up! I mean there is nothing better than getting to wear

3 Epic Morning Workouts to Step Up Your Fitness Game

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Fitness is a complex thing. Everybody has to find their own path when it comes to developing a fitness routine that is perfectly suited for them. Not everyone will progress

5 Daily Performance Workout Routines for Men

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Whether you are trying to get a sculpted six-pack, bench press two hundred and fifty pounds, run a five-minute mile or just want to be fit and healthy, performance workout