San Diego Personal Training

The goal is simple: to honor the phenomenal potential of your body.

San Diego Personal trainer and Nutritionist Kyle Valery founded The Active Executive to benefit the bodies and minds of high-performing individuals. We seek the seers and the dreamers, the people who have a talent for imagining and creating their own future.

Through science, information, and education, we optimize your fitness and nutrition platform to motivate you, maximize results, and help you achieve the impossible. We create systems that fit the rigors of your demanding lifestyle by creating a flexible personal training schedule and maximizing our time together. We build unique and rewarding experiences by staying focused on long-term goals, making adjustments to your fitness training regimen when needed, and challenging you during each session to push just a little bit harder. We ensure that health and exercise is never a burden by focusing on your mental and physical well-being, creating custom meal plans to keep you satisfied and give your body the fuel it needs, and by being the personal trainer you look forward to seeing each session.

The Active Executive helps you grasp the unreachable.

The Active Executive helps you discover a healthier life.

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